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Quincy Jones with Michael Jackson 2001

Quincy Jones with Michael Jackson 2001

from the Sunday Mail online, July 5, 2009

Quincy Jones blasts Michael Jackson’s excuses for turning white

by Lauren Crooks

MICHAEL JACKSON’S mentor has blasted the star’s “bull****” excuses for turning himself white.

Quincy Jones said he never believed Jacko’s claims he was suffering from rare skin condition vitiligo which caused bleaching to his skin.

Jones – who produced some of Jackson’s greatest hits, including Thriller – said the King of Pop had many chemical peels because he was not happy with the way he looked.

He compared the troubled star’s lies to those of a drug addict.

Jones said: “He was the most gorgeous guy but he obviously didn’t want to be black. You see his kids? It’s ridiculous. Chemical peels and all. I don’t understand it.

“He’d come up with, ‘Man, I promise you I have this disease’ and ‘I have a blister on my lungs’. I don’t believe any of that bull****.”

Jones, 76, said while he worked with Jackson they often rowed about his lies and they reminded him of stars who made up excuses about more traditional addictions like alcohol and drugs.

He said: “We talked about it all the time, the chemical peels and stuff. I couldn’t talk him out of it.

“I’ve been around junkies all my life. I’ve heard every excuse.”

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