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Michael Jackson at Neverland

Michael Jackson at Neverland

A planned auction of more than 1,000 items from the former home of the King of Pop Michael Jackson has been cancelled.

Nearly 1,400 items from the singer’s Neverland Ranch in California were due to be auctioned off by Julien’s Auctions next week and the proceeds given to Michael Jackson. But Jackson’s production company sued the auction house to stop the sale. Jackson’s attorneys argued that Jackson had not been allowed to preview the sale items and retrieve personal memorabilia as promised in the contract with Julien’s.  A last-minute settlement means Jackson’s belongings will now be returned to him. In response, Jackson has dropped the lawsuit against the auction house.

michael-jacksoniaA public preview of the collection had already begun in Los Angeles. Although the auction has since been halted, the exhibition of Jackson’s possessions will continue through the end of next week. The items included in the public exhibit include Jackson’s famous crystal-encrusted white glove, a golden throne, crown, and the gates to the Neverland Ranch topped by a British coat-of-arms. Neverland, Jackson’s sprawling estate for many years (named after the mythical home of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys who never grew up), originally included a zoo and theme park.  Jackson left Neverland in 2005, after he was acquitted of child abuse charges in a high-profile court case. Pressing financial problems forced him to sell part-ownership of the property last year.

A  five-volume, 900-page catalog of Jacksoniana is available for browsing online (juliensauctions .com).

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