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British singer Amy Winehouse lost her battle with addiction.

It looks like we have an explanation for Amy Winehouse‘s tragic death. A coroner says the singer died from drinking too much alcohol, ruling it a “death by misadventure.” A pathologist says Winehouse (1983-2011) consumed a “very large quantity of alcohol” prior to her death and that her blood registered at 4.5 times over the legal drunk-driving limit. Winehouse, who died this summer at the age of 27, had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years.

Her doctor says she had resumed drinking in the days before her death after a period of abstinence (which we don’t have to believe).

O blessed Lord, you ministered to all who came to you:
Look with compassion upon all who through addiction have lost their health and freedom.
Restore to them the assurance of your unfailing mercy.
Remove from them the fears that beset them.
Strengthen them in the work of their recovery;
And to those who care for them, give patient understanding and persevering love.

source: The Book of Common Prayer

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