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(L.) Bin Laden's Fifth Wife, 29 year old Amal Ahmed bin Laden shown with picture of husband, Osama bin Laden

By the time Osama bin Laden was killed, he was down to only one of his five wives: Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, the youngest and his rumored favorite. By the time he moved into his Pakistan mansion, bin Laden had divorced one of his wives and three others had moved to Syria, according to ABC News, but 29 year-old Amal had remained with him. She had been given to him as a gift when she was still a teenager, and eventually had three children with bin Laden—a daughter and two sons, who lived with them in the compound.

On the night of the raid, Amal was in the bedroom with bin Laden, and apparently reacted with fury to the Navy SEALs who had come to kill her husband. “She rushed one of the U.S. assaulters and was shot in the leg, but not killed,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

Fatah was treated for her wounds and is in custody in Pakistan, officials said.

Sources: ABC News, The Daily Beast

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