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Little Michael Jackson, age 3, ca. 1961 (Lisa's History Room)

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s death. In her only TV interview, mother Katherine Jackson reminisced on “Dateline” about her internationally famous son.

She remembered the day she realized Michael had talent:

We had a Maytag washing machine, and it was rickety when the agitators would go, you know how they go [imitates sound]. This one was so rickety that it had a [imitates sound] kinda like that, and Michael was there on the floor wearing his diaper and his little bottle, and he just was dancing to the rhythm of what the washing machine made.” 

Katherine Jackson went on to say that she had never met Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of Michael’s two oldest children, Prince (b. 1997) and Paris (b. 1998), until Michael’s death. Katherine, who raised nine children, is now mother to Paris, Prince, and Blanket, Michael’s third child, born in 2002.

Katherine didn’t always agree with the way Michael (1958-1009) was raising his children:

I never did like the fact that he put, um, scarfs or veils over their faces….” 

Michael Jackson with daughter Paris (l) and son Prince (r), circa 2001-02 (Lisa's History Room)

Michael Jackson covered son Blanket's face with a mask, ca. 2004-05 (Lisa's History Room)

Katherine says the children are doing fine except that they have no friends. Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, have previously been tutored at home. Katherine is trying to give her grandchildren a more normal upbringing, free of the bizarre restrictions imposed by their father. In September, the three children will be enrolling in school for the first time in their lives, reports the Daily Mail.   Below are pictures of the children enjoying their first carefree Hawaiian vacation a few days before returning to the continental U.S. for a Gary, Indiana, hometown memorial for their father.

Michael Jackson's eldest son, "Prince," 13, whose full name is Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. Hawaii, June 1010. (Lisa's History Room)

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, age 12, whose full name is Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. Hawaii, June 2010. (Lisa's History Room)

Michael Jackson's youngest son, "Blanket," 8, whose full name is Prince Michael Jackson II, enjoys a water chute at a Hawaii resort, June 2010 (Lisa's History Room)

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sources: Dateline, The Daily Mail

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Michael Jackson with son Prince Michael and Paris.

Michael Jackson with son Prince Michael and daughter Paris.

Michael Jackson’s children were banned from looking in mirrors and had their toys thrown away each night. So what kind of father was Jacko?

from the Daily Mail Online, July 2, 2009

by J Randy Taraborrelli

They met as children and for 40 years he was Michael Jackson’s confidant. Now, in an intimate account, J. Randy Taraborrelli writes about the Michael Jackson he knew. He reveals what sort of father Jackson was, and explains the great sadness of his mother, Katherine, who has been granted temporary custody of her grandchildren.

His first wife, Lisa Marie Presley, was firmly convinced that Michael Jackson should not be a father. He was too emotionally immature to raise a child, she concluded.

‘I think he needs a parent,’ she said. She refused point blank to have his babies. Undaunted, he hooked up with an old friend, Debbie Rowe, a nurse specialising in skin disorders, and she had his children instead, most probably after artificial insemination – although startling reports this week say that neither Debbie nor Michael are actually the biological parents of their two children.

When Debbie told her own father, he asked about this method of conception: ‘Isn’t he capable of fathering a child like anyone else?’ She laughed: ‘Michael doesn’t do anything like anyone else.’

On the insistence of Michael’s mother, Katherine, a devout Jehovah’s Witness, he and Debbie married after his divorce from Lisa. Six months’ pregnant and wearing black, she walked towards him at his suite in a Sydney hotel while he sat at the piano playing ‘Here comes the bride’.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson wedding photo, 1996

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson wedding photo, 1996

He had on a creamy foundation that made his face almost stark white, and extra eyeliner. He wore a hat with one long curl framing each side of his face and fake sideburns. His ‘best man’ was a new friend named Anthony, whom Michael claimed was his nephew. He was eight years old.

It seemed that Lisa Marie might well have been right, then. Certainly, everything that happened over the next few years seemed to confirm her opinion.

Prince Michael Jackson, Michael’s son, was born in hospital in 1997, and together he and Debbie cut the umbilical cord. Then, while she stayed put, Michael rushed the baby off to Neverland, his Disney-style ranch home.

‘I have been blessed beyond comprehension,’ he announced to the world.

Michael Jackson with children, l to r: Prince Michael II (Blanket), Paris, and Prince Michael

Michael Jackson with children, l to r: Prince Michael II (Blanket), Paris, and Prince Michael

Six weeks later, the parents posed proudly for photographs with Prince – but it was the first time Debbie had seen the baby since giving birth, and the whole thing was a set-up.

She was smuggled in for the occasion, given the infant to hold for the cameras – then sent on her way.

She was essentially a surrogate and had no part in bringing him up.

‘We never saw her,’ one of the Neverland staff reported. ‘The baby was cared for by a team of six nannies and six nurses, who worked in shifts so that there were always two nurses and two nannies by his side.

‘They were kept under constant video surveillance, which was monitored by members of Jackson’s security team. The nannies all had special training.

‘The day-team did exercise drills with the baby to build up his strength. The night-team read and sang to him. But it was as if he had no mother.’

One nanny said: ‘We had to measure the air quality in his room once an hour. When we fed him, all the utensils had to be boiled and were all thrown away after a single use.’

The same went for his toys, which were thrown away each night for sanitary reasons and replaced the next morning.

Michael Jackson is shown dangling his newborn baby, Prince Michael Jackson II (also known as Blanket) from a Berlin hotel balcony

Michael Jackson is shown dangling his newborn baby, Prince Michael Jackson II (also known as Blanket) from a Berlin hotel balcony

Though rarely on the scene, Debbie announced nine months after the birth that she was pregnant with a second ‘gift’ for Michael.

The ‘gift’ he gave her in return – on top of the millions of dollars he was already paying her – was her own house in Los Angeles, which she moved into with her two pet dogs.

A daughter, Paris Katherine Michael Jackson, was born in April 1998. The following year, Debbie asked for a divorce, to which he consented, no questions asked, with a multi-million-dollar settlement.

Another surrogate was found – her identity was never disclosed – who, in 2002, gave Michael his third child, a boy he named Prince Michael II. He was nicknamed ‘Blanket’, as in blanketing someone with love and care, Jackson explained.

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Photograph of Michael Jackson less than 24 hours before he died. (AP)

Photograph of Michael Jackson less than 24 hours before he died. (AP)

Fox News reports (7/1/09):

“On the Record with Greta”

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: There is huge news tonight about Michael Jackson. His three children, according to TMZ, are not biologically his and Jackson never adopted them. Plus, mother Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of any of them. This complicates everything. Who will get custody of Michael, Jr., Paris and Prince Michael II?

TMZ news manager Mike Walters joins us from Los Angeles. Mike, whose children — I mean, did he ever — he never legally adopted these children, is that right?

MIKE WALTERS, TMZ.COM: Right. Exactly.

VAN SUSTEREN: OK. All right, now…

WALTERS: Basically, here’s what’s going on here, Greta…

VAN SUSTEREN: … tell me about the — OK, go ahead.

WALTERS: Well, here’s what’s going on. Michael is not the biological father of the children. Now, in Debbie Rowe’s situation, it’s slightly different. What we’re hearing and what we reported is that, basically, it was a — she was a surrogate mother. It was artificially inseminated, in vitro, from an egg and a sperm outside the womb, and she carried the children.

Michael Jackson's 3 children shop

Michael Jackson’s 3 children shop

Now, the youngest child, this was a person who was inseminated, who didn’t know she was carrying Michael Jackson’s child at all. She delivered in San Diego, California. Three days after Michael Jackson’s attorney came, took the child and delivered it to Michael Jackson.

So of course, it brings up a host of different issues right then. Number one, Debbie Rowe — it’s presumed in the law at this point that they were married, and if the child — if the birth of the child comes within that time, that they are mother, father and parents. And that’s sort of how the law works. It’s never been, you know, litigated in this case, anything like that.

Now, in the third child, it could be totally different. Who exactly the parents are, Michael could have known, but we don’t know and we haven’t found out yet. But we might find out in this custody battle.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is Debbie Rowe going to fight for custody of the two older children?

WALTERS: You know, at this point, she’s been invited to. It’s — she’s been served — she’s going to be served with the documents from Katherine Jackson, who you already know has filed and gotten temporary guardianship. This will be heard Monday morning. Whether or not Debbie Rowe will show up, I don’t know.

Does she have authority? Could she come in and maybe ask for that? Yes, of course. Like I said, she presumably is the mother of the children by the law. It’s not a slam-dunk case, but she’ll have to go in and fight it.

Whether she will or not — we still haven’t talked to her or anybody in her camp whether or not they for sure will go. They’ve only said they’ll react and then do what’s appropriate with what’s on the table at this point, which is only that Grandma Jackson has custody at this point.

VAN SUSTEREN: To simplify matters, it would be easier if Michael Jackson’s name appears on any of the birth certificates. You know, are they on the birth certificates?

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson were married for 3 years.

WALTERS: Yes. Michael Jackson is listed as the father on all three. Now, on the first two, Debbie Rowe is listed as the mother. On the third, the youngest, Prince, there is no mother. It’s literally blank. It’s got three lines across, and that’s it. And there’s signatures that are blacked out on that one. But Michael on all three is listed as the father.But remember, the law changed. And I don’t know the exact specifics, but basically, now you can do that. And back then, even if it was a surrogate mother, they were listed as the mother on the birth certificate.


VAN SUSTEREN: All right. The youngest child, you said that Michael Jackson didn’t go to the hospital. A lawyer actually did all the transactions. Who is this lawyer? Because you’d think the lawyer would have enough sense to at least have worked through the legal trappings to make it a lot easier in the event of the situation we now have.

WALTERS: Well, that’s an interesting point, Greta. I think, at this point — this is Michael Jackson we’re talking about. This was several years ago. And I think whoever was involved, including Arnie Klein, who will come up, is going to probably be at this point talked to during all this stuff about his death and the prescription medication. You know, it’s reported today that he might be one of the sperm donors in this case. This is all going to have to come up, whether or not any of these people actually have any claim to the estate or custody. And I think that’s going to have to be sorted out before we can discuss any of those kind of situations.VAN SUSTEREN: All right, explain to the viewers who Arnie Klein is, Dr. Klein is, and how sort of he fits into this tale.

WALTERS: Well, you know, it’s interesting. That’s another doctor they want to speak with. And I can tell you from experience, you know, just at TMZ, we used to get Michael Jackson going and coming from that office almost twice a week for the last couple of months. So he’s a dermatologist that used to treat Michael Jackson and, like I said, recently, had been treating him again.

Now, any doctor that’s done anything medical to Michael Jackson — because of the fact that I can tell you for sure one of the things they’re investigating is hypodermic needles. So you know, knowing that, and all these drugs that are in combination, they’re going to look at all the doctors that have ever prescribed him, especially the ones he’s seen as of three weeks ago or two months ago on a regular basis, and specifically also the doctor who was there, obviously, the night — or the day that he passed away. So this is — they’re all going to get spoken to, and it’s all going to come through an investigation.

VAN SUSTEREN: And Debbie Rowe, the mother of the two older children, also worked at one time for Dr. Klein, to sort of add more intrigue to this.

WALTERS: Really, that’s what’s interesting. Exactly. Debbie Rowe worked for Arnie Klein for a number of years. And that’s what’s going to make it hard. You brought it up already. Why don’t they just come forward and this is all easily worked out? Well, it’s not. Think about back then, when this actually came about and all the documents were actually drawn up by an attorney. This is specific to people that all were in an office.

Michael Jackson is a superstar. His private life was very private and still is. So these documents, how many people have actually seen them — all I can tell you for sure is we reported it, he’s not the father, and that Debbie Rowe carried the children but was only a surrogate mother, just like the third child. So will those ever come out? Arnie Klein’s already not wanted to comment today. He hasn’t said anything, citing patient- client privilege. So will we ever know? I don’t know.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. The memorial service, what are the latest plans for that?

WALTERS: You know, we reported today that the plans have been put into motion that at 10:00 AM on Thursday morning, from Los Angeles to Neverland ranch, an upwards of 30-car motorcade will descend on Santa Barbara. Now, what’s interesting is this happened this morning, and as the day progressed, the officials up in Santa Barbara, which included CHP, sheriff, police — all of those people are now saying, Well, the plan was put in motion as an “if they were going to do it.” So it’s interesting that the family hasn’t come out officially and said, That’s what we are doing.

But the county and Neverland ranch are preparing because all these fans are coming anyways. And they guess — the guesstimate is that they will have 250,000 people go there this weekend, whether there’s an official viewing or not. But I am told that there is one. They’re planning it for Friday or Saturday, and that sometime between now and then, and I’m told Thursday morning, they will — this motorcade will go up there.

And think about that, Greta. I mean, the overpasses on the 101 north, I mean, people everywhere, choppers — I mean, it’s fitting for Michael Jackson, the king of pop. I mean, that’s what I think, if they do it, will be fitting and have a public forum up at Neverland for all these people.

VAN SUSTEREN: Mike, thank you.

WALTERS: Absolutely.



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Michael Jackson's children from left: Paris, Prince and Prince Michael II (also known as "Blanket" )shopping with dad

Michael Jackson's children from left: Paris, Prince and Prince Michael II (also known as "Blanket") shopping with dad

What will become of Michael Jackson’s children: Prince Michael, 12; Paris, 11 and Prince Michael II, 7, also known as “Blanket”?

Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, alleged sperm donor for Michael Jackson's two older children, Prince Michael and Paris. Nurse Debbie Rowe became the surrogate mother and was married to Jackson for three years, though she said the marriage was a complete sham.

Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, alleged sperm donor for Michael Jackson's two older children, Prince Michael and Paris. Nurse Debbie Rowe became the surrogate mother and was married to Jackson for three years, though she said the marriage was a complete sham.

According to the Rolling Stone online (6/30/09):

As authorities begin to weed through the custody issues related to Michael Jackson’s three children, a number of reports are emerging that question the paternity of Prince Michael Jr., 12; Paris Michael Katherine, 11; and Prince Michael II, 7. Our colleagues at Us Weekly are reporting that Los Angeles dermatologist Arnold Klein — Michael’s former doctor and boss of Jackson’s onetime wife, Debbie Rowe — is the biological father of elder children Prince Michael Jr. and Paris. “He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth,” an insider tells the magazine. “I’m doing a favor for a good friend,” Rowe reportedly told a friend when she was pregnant with one of the children. She gave up custody of the two children after she and Jackson divorced in 1999; when Jackson was facing child-molestation charges in 2003 she briefly regained custody, but gave it up again in 2006. An unnamed surrogate gave birth to Prince Michael II.

All three children are currently in the care of Jackson’s 79-year-old mother, Katherine, per a court order for temporary custody granted yesterday. The court will examine the children’s permanent placement at a July 6th hearing. Rowe’s attorney Eric George tells the Los Angeles Times his client will decide in the next several days whether to petition for custody or visitation rights.

TMZ also reports that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his three children — and that the superstar did not legally adopt them because there was no presumed third party who would try to take custody of them. As Rolling Stone previously reported, there is no mother named on youngest son Prince Michael II’s birth certificate, though Jackson is listed as the father. Rowe is named as the mother of Prince Michael and Paris, the AP reports.

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