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For the past two years. Michael Jackson used an IV drug to put him to sleep.

For the past two years. Michael Jackson used an IV drug to put him to sleep.

From the Daily Mail online:

“Michael Jackson regularly received the anesthetic propofol on a drip and relied on it like an alarm clock, investigators have revealed.

A doctor would administer it when Jackson went to sleep, then stop the IV drip when the singer wanted to wake up, the unnamed official told the Associated Press.

On June 25, the day Jackson died, Dr. Conrad Murray gave him the drug through an IV sometime after midnight, the official said.

The official also provided a glimpse into how the pop star was living in the weeks before he died, describing the room in which Jackson slept in his rented Beverly Hills mansion as outfitted with oxygen tanks and an IV drip.

Another of Jackson’s bedrooms was a shambles, with clothes and other items strewn about and handwritten notes stuck on the walls.

One read: ‘Children are sweet and innocent.’

The temperature upstairs was stiflingly hot when authorities arrived at the singer’s house after his death.

Gas fireplaces and the heating system were on high because Jackson always complained of feeling cold, the official said.

A porcelain girl doll wearing a dress was found on top of the covers of the bed where he slept, the official said.

Police found propofol and other drugs in the home. An IV line and three tanks of oxygen were in the room where Jackson slept, and 15 more oxygen tanks were in a security guard’s shack, the official said.”

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